Every photo tells a story.
The image, the subject, the light... all must be captured just right.
That is where the magic happens ~ 

Many think the camera holds the magic, and buying expensive equipment will allow them to take great photographs.

Ahhh, not so.

A photographer must know how to use his tool, his camera.
As a good carpenter learns how to use his tools,
so must a photographer know how to use their camera, understand it's settings and the light.

A camera only does what you tell it to do!

Getting lucky once in awhile isn't enough,
it's actually quite frustrating.
Even shooting on Automatic
will get you lucky, once in awhile.
it's those shots you miss,
those once in a lifetime
"I wish I could've got that one" 
Realizing you don't really know
how to change your camera settings
to get it right,
is where most find themselves.
And I would love to help you fix that!

Strive for amazing photographs.
Learn your camera (YOUR camera) which is different than another person's camera.
There can be a great different between brands and even with models in the same brand.
Without knowing the settings, most can't figure out if it's them or the camera.
(I once had a student come in with a used camera - the camera and lens each were broken,
but not knowing settings, he couldn't figure that out when he bought it to know it was a bad investment.)

Just like buying a paint set doesn't make you an artist,
buying a nice camera doesn't make you a photographer.
I can help.
I will help you understand your camera. You will build knowledge and confidence.
I will teach you how to 'think' when taking a photo, so you can instinctively know which settings to change,
to capture your subject beautifully.

As a Photography Instructor I help YOU.
You will learn skills to use your camera and any camera you pick up.  
Not all settings are important. But some are EVERYTHING to capturing the perfect shot.
That knowledge in itself is half the battle.

Join me for classes or a private lessons.
As we work together over time, you will build an incredible working knowledge of how to take amazing photos.

Michelle Palys
Realtor, Photgrapher, Instructor, Adobe Educator
Passion. Commitment. Excellence.
(603) 493-0577
[email protected]

Licensed, Insured Professional Photographer
On-Location, Event, Commercial and Aerial Photographer


Affiliations Present & Past:

Realtor -Keller Williams Bedford, NH
Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce
Lakes Region Art Association
NH Professional Photographers Association
New England Professional Photographers Association
Professional Photographers of America
WREN (Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network), Bethlehem, NH
NH Division of Travel & Tourism
NH Campground Owners Association
NH Grand
White Mountain Attractions
Board Member -Twin Mountain/Bretton Woods Chamber of Commerce
Littleton, NH Chamber of Commerce
Manchester, NH Chamber of Commerce
BNI Wolf Pack 
Merrimack, NH Chamber of Commerce Photographer
NH Real Estate Commission Accredited Photography Course