A little curious on how you might feel taking a class?
Here's what students had to say ...


Have learned more about my DSLR in 4 classes than I could imagine. Looking forward to another class
with you Michelle. Thank you for the insight.
Louanne J. ~Nashua, NH


It's very helpful to learn hands-on about my camera.
The 4-class structure is just enough to gain a basic understanding of the manual settings.
I look forward to Level 2!

Great Class!
Now I understand what alot of the settings really do. Now I will finally get the camera off automatic.
Ken ~Louden, NH

I enjoyed your class very much.
I found it informative and very helpful to me. Understanding what and
why my camera does what it does is going to be a huge help in improving the consistency and quality of
my photos. And now I know what that wheel does! Thank you!!

I so enjoyed the class (Level 1) and the open sharing of our work.
I really learned alot from
your discussions with everyone.
Looking forward to Lightroom!
Larry B~ Derry, NH

Coming into the class I did not know anything other than how to use the auto-setting.
After the four classes I have a much better understanding what the basic settings are without going back to auto and
can take really nice photos on my own. I can't wait to take Level 2!
Thank you Michelle,
Ronda F.~ Concord, NH


Thank you for an enjoyable 8 weeks!
 I was reluctant to sign up for Level 1 & Level 2 initially,
but it was definitely worth it. It was a joy to come to class and Level 2 was fun to utilize
what Level 1 taught while working on composition. I definitely recommend this class
for anyone interested in learning the basics and how to use your camera!
Betsy R. ~ Merrimack, NH

Wonderful experience!
Now know all modes, buttons, dials and gizmos. Michelle is a credit to her profession!
Gary ~ Merrimack, NH

Michelle's classes 1 & 2 were very thorough- she answered everyone's questions in great detail.
I learned how to use settings on my camera that I was not familiar with.
I learned alot on how to handle taking photos in different light settings.
Overall Michelle did an outstanding job and I am looking forward to Level 3 classes.
Pete S. ~ Merrimack, NH 


"Very hands-on and experienced photographer."
Bedford, NH

"Great class-found it very helpful!"
"Learned tricks I didn't know existed with my camera.
Reading a manual is very limited & can be quite confusing.
Hands-on experience is necessary to really appreciate
what y our camera can/can't do."
Gayle T.
Manchester, NH

"Throughout the class I became more familiar with my camera."
"I learned many good tips about how and when to adjust to
different  light."
Erin, Bedford, NH

"I like the way you broke the class up into the 4 parts, it was
not too overwhelming."

Kara, Bedford, NH

"Really liked the class! Loved learning your 'tips & tricks'."
Sue W., Bedford, NH

"Really enjoyed learning to use my camera." 
"Great overview of camera operations to greatly improve quality of my photos."
Sandy L., Bedford, NH


Thank YOU to all my students! I love teaching you what I've learned in my many many years behind the camera.
I love seeing you change your settings and push buttons on your cameras like never before. And it's not scary anymore!
Your willingness to share your photos and be open with the class helps everyone learn more, so than you for your participation. We all learn in the process.
Thank you for asking questions! That's what I'm here for, and what the class is all about.
You keep me on my toes and the classes just keep getting better and better.
I look forward to teaching you more of what I know.
Stay in touch, keep shooting, and sharing those magical new photographs!


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