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Hello and welcome to learning new camera and photography skills!
Here are a few things you should know about me, Michelle Palys, and my classes...

  • My goal is to help my students take great photographs!
    And I mean great photos straight out of the camera-not by using software
    (yes I teach software separately, for those who want to get creative, touchup or batch process,
    crop, etc a large selection of photos)
    When I shoot,my goal is ALWAYS to do little, if any touch-up. Full disclosure- I HATE post-process.
  • Classes are hands-on and interactive, taught in easy to understand everyday language, 
    geared toward adults (whose brains are full already).
  • We learn by doing. We share information and spend the class with our camera in hand.
  • We practice shooting with every new step along the way. And we have fun of course!
  • All of these things blended together in my classes make the lessons easy to remember and fun!

Join me if you can. Much of the what I teach you in learning your DSLR is working knowledge, meaning you can transfer 
it to taking photo with your phone, ipad, point & shoot, etc. 
Your enhanced photography skills will cross many platforms of technology we're using today. 
Come see (and be pleasantly surprised) at how it easily all comes together.

Sign up today! 

Level 1 only $249
Level 2 only $249

Level 1 and level 2 -Sign Up for Both Together and SAVE !!! $398

If you can't make a 4 week class, private classes are a great way to learn, and alot of fun too (see below)!

MUST HAVE  a DLSR CAMERA (MUST have a removable lens)

 4 sessions per Level

Learn how to get your camera to take better photos!
Do you ever wonder why expensive camera doesn't WOW you with it's abilities?
You know the camera can do so much more but you how??
Great for beginners to pros, who know zero to 'a little' about their DSLR and want to learn more
(yes I've had students take a new camera out of the box at 1st class
AND had Pros learn a whole new way to shoot outside of their old habits)

All the skills, tips & tricks you've been dying to know.

Get ready...This is for you!

EVERY LEVEL requires a DSLR (with removable lens) -call if you're unsure 603-493-0577

Level 1 - Not much experience. Beginner, shoots on Automatic, OR long-time camera owner who needs to know more. Great transitIon for film camera users. Or experienced photographers who use only a few settings and want to expand their knowledge and photo capabilities. You'll learn many settings, and be able to comfortably change settings without fear of 'not getting back there'. Once you learn what I'm about to teach you, you won't want to go back! You'll have lots of questions and they'll get answered here in class. Lots of hands-on learning. You'll be able to take some notes as we move through settings, but it's not a class of notes. As you'll find, what applies to one situation, doesn't work for another, so it's getting you to think more than have notes to go by. No recording allowed in class.

Level 2* - Need to have basic working knowledge of ISO, Aperture & Shutter along with other settings covered in Level 1. Here you'll learn how to think so you can change settings on the fly in variety of environments. You'll build on what you learned in Level 1 with a new understanding and learn more about lighting, composition, viewpoints, interior shots without flash, sports, moving objects, still lifes, etc. The class is lots of Q&A as well as hands-on learning. You'll be able to take some notes as we move through settings, but it's not a class of notes. As you'll find, what applies to one situation, doesn't work for another, so it's getting you to think more than have notes to go by. No recording allowed in class.
No recording allowed in class.

*You'll preferably take my Level 1 in order to take my Level 2 UNLESS we talk first and I can assess how much you know. It's not a money thing, it's out of respect and time for those who took Level 1. If you don't have the same knowledge and understanding you'll be confused, and it's not fair to them if I have to spend time to catch you up. So out of respect for others who have taken Level 1, I'm very selective on who can skip Level 1. Thanks for your understanding.

Level 3  Pro  Do you ever sweat at your photo shoots? Manual mode challenges? Oh the fun we can have when we know what we're doing! This level is for you! Learn how to get crisp clean images on location, in any environment. Get ahead on lighting, composition & location. Slay the beast!

These classes are all taught to be able to use your DSLR camera and shoot WITHOUT using a flash. You will take your camera off Automatic and learn how to EASILY remember the few important settings you really need to know.
A manual or online video can only get you so far.
I come in real handy, because when you do 'all the right things' and can't get the results you want,
you have me to ask! And I'll get you there! That's what these classes are all about.


Private Photography Classes or Photo Software Classes - All Levels
Great for any skill level. Flexible times and settings. Zoom classes available for long distance. You'll be surprised at how much you can learn via Zoom!
Please note: Private classes are all about YOU AND YOUR CAMERA and anything photography related. If you're struggling with certain shots or need to use photography in your work and want to shoot better or if you have equipment questions... those are a few of the things we can cover in a private class. 
I've had clients spend an hour learning a few settings then an hour organizing and learning a few software tricks to make their photos come alive. 
Private lessons are set up for your benefit. Whatever YOU need, is what I teach. These are easily customizable and I come prepared (after we talk for 10 minutes a few days ahead of time) to shift into any direction, based on what you'd like to learn, once we're together. The goal is always to progress you levels ahead of where you are when we meet. Talking ahead of time gives me good perspective on you and how to teach you best to make the most of your private class. Clients can build very quickly in multiple private lessons taken close together because the repetition and recall is easily remembered over a short time.

On location photography does not have a 're-do' button!
In my 30+ years of shooting, I've encountered many, many, many different environments and weather. When getting that amazing shot is the goal, I must figure out how to pull it off successfully! Usually, there is no second chance. Try shooting from the air during a freak snowstorm! Or when someone stands up in front of you as the ball is run into the end zone!! ... tricky? ABSOLUTELY! Did I get the shots? ABSOLUTELY! 
How? you ask...


...See you in class! ;)




Shoot in Black & White - Photography 
DSLR Camera
Compose & change the right settings on your camera to capture those beautiful Black & White Photographs.

Sunrise, Sunset, Water, Ice & Snow (Tricky Lighting) - Photography
DSLR Camera
Ever try to shoot those beautiful sunsets or city lights and get 'just ok' photos?
Bring those night sky colors to life. Bring a tripod if you’d like for this class.
We may work outside if the weather’s good.


Shoot Outdoors In All Kinds of Weather - Photography 
DSLR Camera

Every type of weather in New England lends itself to great photo opportunities, IF you're prepared!
Learn how to adapt when weather changes in the middle of a shoot and how to shoot successfully.
Catch raindrops in your photo, not in your camera!


Composition (the Heart of an Amazing Photo) - Photography
Any type camera
What makes a ‘great’ photo?
Composition is the difference between a great, ok or bad photograph.
How to think before pressing the button.
There's something for everyone in this class.


Adobe Lightroom -  App/Software (Mac or PC)  Info/Non-Camera
Powerful software for correcting, cropping and managing your photos. T
his intro/beginner class to learn basics of importing photos, editing & exporting for a variety of applications.
Laptops with Lightroom welcome!
(Download a free 30 day trial at the Adobe website) http://www.adobe.com/downloads/


Adobe Photoshop - App/Software (Mac or PC) Info/Non-Camera
Powerful software that is confusing right out of the box. Intro/beginner class on the features you’ll use most.
Laptops with Photoshop welcome!
(Download a free 30 day trial at the Adobe website) http://www.adobe.com/downloads/


Real Estate Photography- The Good, The Bad & The UGLY  Info/Non-Camera
Formerly taught as a 3 hour CEU NH Accredited class for Real Estate Agents
Chock full of information on the why’s and how’s of real estate photography.
In this class you’ll receive information geared towards photographing a listing the way a consumer can best understand it.
Get tips on how to shoot different rooms from different angles along with ways to use (and not use) available lighting.
How to arrange your photos in your MLS listing.

What photos to use (and not use) to make your listing come to life for the buyer.
Interesting stats on how listing photos correlate to DOM.
Professional photos vs. Shooting your own photos. 
iPhone photos vs. Digital Camera Photos
A tiny bit of software tips for post processing, and the opportunity to ask those questions you’ve always wondered about.

Pet Photos - Photography
Love shooting pets? Need some help getting them just right - all the time? We all get lucky once in awhile, 

but if you want to create some memorable moments and gifts with pets at the center, you'll love this class.

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