Jennifer J. McGuire(non-registered)
those are such great photos to look at. awesome photography skills.
Per Garp(non-registered)
very nicely done, I suspect most are from NH ?
and done from a Helicopter ?
By Files(non-registered)
Greetings from LA. As a beginner photographer it is nice to look around at other peoples work to get me inspired. So far what I have seen your work is just amazing.
John Juza..(non-registered)
Some nice work here Emily. My wife got your card at the womens expo yesterday. What are you shooting with?? Keep up the great work!
John Juza
Photo 66, LLC, Michelle Palys, Photographer, Photo Classes
Thanks Emily! Looks like everyone had so much fun. Including me :)
Emily Otterman(non-registered)
WOW, the Dad & Daughter Dance pics are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great!
Bob Cloutier / CR Helicopters(non-registered)
Great photos Michelle
Jim Steinmark(non-registered)
nice work! Look forward to seeing some Fall and Winter shots!!
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