OUT OF THE CAMERA PHOTOS - A contest for those who can do all the work in the camera - old school... no software editing.



As I was looking at winning images of PPA this year I noticed that not much credit is given to the true craft of photography. It was more digitally enhanced photography, and for a moment I was sad, then realized, no...  I'll celebrate those who CAN create with there camera... right here!


And so Out of the Camera Photo Contest is born.


This is a year long contest.Starting now, ending Dec. 31, 2019. I'd like this to be an annual event, and with your help, cooperation, and HONEST submissions, it can be.

My biggest fear/challenge with this contest is that some entrants will use software on their photos. This is sometimes evident to me and my team, sometimes not. If a photo is in question it will not be used as a submission. This will be the decision of myself and the judging team and the decision will be final and not something that can be coerced or changed by intent nor by lawyers.

There are rules and if you guys make this enjoyable for those of us on this end and submit only true, unedited images, then this can be a beautiful thing and resonate with those who put their heart and soul into making beautiful images IN their camera. These images I hope you'll submit are images that would look great hanging on a wall as art. With beautiful light and color balance, or beautiful light black and white. The image must not be sexually explicit but aside from that, the sky is the limit on what you choose to submit.

Since I love to teach folks how to use their camera's settings to make the most beautiful image, you'll see some of my tidbits and info about my online trainings along with live workshops and access to information for those who are booking speaking events involving some aspect of visuals or photography.