Ever thought to yourself...

"This #*^% camera and manual don't make sense!! ...Where can I get answers?!"

"I spent all this money on this expensive camera, why won't it take better pictures???... UGH!"

"Did I really waste my money to not know how to use this camera?"

"Maybe I'll just put it away for now and learn another time."

"How do I find someone to help me??!"


I heard your pain. 

I'll teach you exactly what you need to know, with YOUR camera. Hands-on. At a time that is convenient for you.

Join me for some fun, but thorough training.
Learn how YOUR camera works best and how YOU can take better pictures

Private One-on-One Training classes (something for all levels)

Get hands-on, simple to understand information to bring your photography skills to a whole new level!
Each class is tailored to what you need to get out of the class. For some it's just the basics of the camera. For others, we work through shooting challenges that keep coming up. 
There's a class for everyone with a camera.
Classes for ages 12 - 100 ( most of my classes are attended by age 30 & up just in case you're wondering)I

We can get creative in finding a way to put together a class that works for you and your colleagues or you and your friends.

All digital camera classes are hands-on. Bring your camera and learn to use it!

Have a Girls Night Out Photo Class

Makes for great Birthday gift.

In a profession that is always using photos? I can show you how to shoot for your profession.

So many different shooting environments makes for many different learning environments. I'm your's for rent! Hire me, pick my photographic brain and learn so much!!



There's always more to learn, especially as cameras become more advanced.
All camera makes and models
Pro Gear to Point & Shoot
Various lenses
Hands-On with YOUR CAMERA.
Simple, easy to understand in everyday terms.
Improve on what you already know.
Bring your photography skills to a whole new level.
Classes can be on-site, at a location you often shoot, at your home, or I can suggest a good place for what you're trying to learn.
Indoor locations also available.
Multi-class or multi-week training available (some people learn better with chunks of information at various times to practice and process the information)

Call today and just get some information. See if this might be a good option for you. (603) 493-0577

Well... Learn more than you thought you could !

It's fun it's interactive, it makes you say 'ah-ha'!!


Digital Photo Class -Get your DSLR's to Take Better Photographs  (4 weeks)

Taking Better Photos!....Take out that expensive camera & get it to cooperate with you
 Learn how to take photos that are light, bright & in focus.
Come out and learn through an interactive experience. You'll learn how to take great digital photographs regardless of your skill level.
Class is taught in everyday words without all the confusing 'photo jargon' by a professional with 20+ years experience.

Get rid of the fear!
   BRING: Digital SLR camera & the manual (not a point & shoot)



Learn how to look through the lens for your best shot.
Interactive class featuring tips and tricks to help you take better pictures of people, places & things.
All camera types welcome.

Beyond the basics, how to take better photos in challenging environments using surrounding lighting & more advanced techniques.
Interactive class of advanced tips & tricks - building on of Composition Level 1.
All camera types welcome.

A class for all camera types, including point & shoot cameras, iphones, webcams and any other photo taking device.
If you're taking a photo you want it to be good, to create the memory of the moment. All these gadgets need direction from you.
I'll cover the tips & tricks you need to take better pictures with any camera or device you have in your hand.




Looking for some specific instruction?
Shooting sports, wildlife, children and keep having the same challenges over and over again?
Need some help with lighting? Or composition? At a certain location?
I'm here to help.
Whether you're a beginner or advanced, there are so many things to learn.
Do you  prefer to work in a one-on-one setting or small group setting
or you cannot fit the classes into your schedule. Whatever the reason, a private class may be just what you need.
In a private setting, you get more specific teaching to your abilities and bring you to the next level (and if you're not sure, no worries, I'll figure that out right away and help you learn what you need to know).
Having so much experience out in the field and in numerous lighting scenarios, I've learned alot of simple ways to conquer challenges.
Let me help you have more fun with your camera!

Weekdays, evenings & weekends available.

Private classes are 1 - 10 people or Seminars for large groups (several hundred people) with a projector.


Group events 
Call for information. Length of time varies.





Note: You DO NOT need to be a resident of either town to take the class - everyone is welcome - come join us !